Get SMS with transaction information on phones when get PayPal paid or refunded
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Below are samples you will receive for different types of PayPal transactions

  • Got PayPal (AUD)11.99 on 2013-09-21 19:00;cart;txn=4E155097F7778241F; Completed; Item=GD-SP01(3) GD-101R(1) GD-001(3);addr=(Michael Han) 1 Main St.
  • Got PayPal (EUR)12.34 on 2013-09-21 17:24;web_accept;txn=1060059404;Completed; Item=something(#=AK-1234);Payer = John Smith(United State
  • Got PayPal (USD)-11.99 on 2013-08-26 12:19;txn=47260768Wx998634T;Refunded; Item=GD-SP01(3) GD-101R(1) GD-001(3);Payer = David Lee(United State
  • Got PayPal (USD)30.00 on 2010-10-11 09:08;send_money; txn=57A4204676315883X;Pending; Item=GD-SP01(3);Payer=Olivia Heat(United States) erolivic@aoi

Auction payment received

  • Got PayPal (USD)61.50 on 2010-02-05 18:32;Txn-type=web_accept;txn= 1CM82973WV69512 2V;Status=Completed; Payer-status=verified ;Item= Wireless Bike Turn Signal


To which payment flows does Instant Payment Notification (IPN) apply?

 Instant Payment Notification applies to all PayPal product features, including Buy Now, Donations, Subscriptions, Shopping Cart, Auctions/eBay flows and Send Money/Request Money payment received.

Will it influence the original PayPal payment process because of this SMS notification ?

 No. Because the SMS sending is executed when the PayPal payment process is finished. The function is thru PayPal IPN which is an Asynchronous message service, meaning that messages are not synchronized with actions on your website. Thus, IPN message does not increase the time it takes to complete a transaction on your website. You can refer all IPN variables to know what data pass to IPN

SMSCMD Ping_Alert Port_Alert CPU_Alert
SMSCMD Ping_Alert Port_Alert CPU_Alert

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