/ - Setup PayPal IPN to receive SMS notification

 Step1 :

  • You can update below URL manually or click here to generate the URL automatically and it also send test SMS to your mobile phone to verify you can receive SMS 
  • Replace xxxxx below to update manually,xxxxxxxxxxx&tz=xx&

  • email & pwd : your email account and password in our site. Click to register to get pwd and free SMS to test
  • to : the mobile # to get SMS notification. It is international format with country code eg: 852912345678,44798765432
  • tz : your local time zone. For example Hong Kong +8 Brazil -3
  • email_list : additional email to get PayPal notification. Separated by , for multiple (this parameter is optional)

Sample URL to Hong Kong mobile number 85294123456

!! If you get below warning message when you save IPN in PayPal !!

!! You must enter a properly formatted URL into the Notification URL field in order to activate Instant Payment Notification. !!

It is because PayPal Notification URL does not accept @  You need to change email
format from to xxxxxx* on Notification URL. (* will be replaced back to @ on our server side) then the URL will be as below*,xxxxxxxxxxx&tz=xx&email_list=xxxxxx*

Step 2 : Enable IPN and Paste URL (the URL from Step1)

  • Summary -> Selling tools -> Instant Payment Notifications -> Update  


  • Select "Receive IPN messages (Enabled)"  and PASTE the URL from Step1 to below "Notification URL"   

  • Select  "Do not receive IPN messages (Disabled)"  - Only need to do this action to disable SMS notification