SMS / Mail / Sound alert while FTP, WWW,  MYSQL, SMTP, POP3... services get consecutive connection timeout
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SMSCMD Ping_Alert Port_Alert CPU_Alert
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SMSCMD Ping_Alert Port_Alert CPU_Alert

2 Way SMS supported for United States to forward reply and original text to your email inbox. It's useful for SMSCMD to send bulk sms to your clients and get response to your mail box.


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Port_Alert V5.4 (3.12MB)   Easy to setup - Screenshot 

  • Why monitoring TCP ports - Server services such as FTP Server is using TCP port 21, SSH server port 22, TELNET server(23), SMTP Server(25), DNS server(53), Http server(80), POP3 server(110), IMAP server(443), MS SQL(1433), Oracle server(1521), MYSQL server(3306) or self defined port #. TCP Ports are numerical identifiers in host to host communications. Monitoring TCP port # is monitoring these services. Technical Article on  for the Port_Alert software
  • Setup any numbers of consecutive connection timeout to get alerts at the RIGHT time - Monitoring TCP ports and alert you only when the TCP ports connect timeout on a continuous time period. You can setup any # of  consecutive 1 or 2 or 3,...10.. or..20..100.. connect timeout to send you alerts. In this way, you can setup continues time period connect timeout to send you alerts easily. Simple and easy to monitor your internet or intranet TCP applications.
  • Alert you only when TCP ports connect timeout the first time reach the consecutive # - No keep sending you alerts when servers remain connect timeout. Alert you when the connection restored then alert you again next time TCP ports connection timeout. Keep monitoring TCP ports 24 hours day by day.
  • No alerts loss via 2 different mail servers  - Mail alerts send out from our mail server and SSL supported to send out from your own or Yahoo / Hotmail SMTP to let you get alerts without loss.Your Yahoo account must enable "Allow apps that use less secure sign in". SMTP setup (Hotmail is working but not stable. Gmail is not working. supported for China).
  • Save timeout detail information to log file and separate the log files by date automatically.
  • Allow to limit maximum SMS sending a day - Cap maximum # of  SMS sending a day to avoid SMS alert sending for any abnormal situation. if you set max. # is 10 then the 10th SMS will have 10/10 in the end. Email alert will keep sending without such limitation.
  • I am alive notice - Setup to mail you server's status periodically thru Yahoo / Hotmail SMTP to let you know program keeps watching your servers.
  • Freeware for all Windows. If you get problem in installation try download zip file to install
  • Monitoring locally and send instant SMS alert locally or globally to your clients. Global coverage 
  • Alert text in SMS / Mail will be Host Name / IP address + Port + Last Status + Description + timeout duration, start and end time stamp. Below is alert text example
  • Alert for 1433 Down(01:21:42) Internal MSSQL DB 57 seconds (8 times) connect timeout from 2015-08-21 01:20:45 to 01:21:42
  • 1433 ALIVE(2015-08-21 02:01:44) Internal MSSQL DB Back to Alive

Set up # of consecutive timeout to trigger ALERT. Column "Timeout #" is the  # of consecutive connection timeout which you can define. Column "Count" is the count of consecutive timeout (down). Alert will be sent only when Count = Timeout.


No sending alert and counter will be reset if it back to alive just after 1,2,3 or 4  consecutive connection timeout (eg, you setup alert timeout # to 5 as below)