Alert you and Kill the CPU Hogging program when server has been overloading on a continuous time period.
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SMSCMD Ping_Alert Port_Alert CPU_Alert

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CPU Monitor and Alert - CPU_Alert V4.1 (3.29MB)

  • Monitor and alert you the highest CPU or Memory consuming program - Setup usage % and consecutive number as thresholds limit to alert you. You can setup consecutive 1 or 2 or 3,..,or..500... numbers  to send you alert when CPU / Memory usage consecutive higher than the threshold limit.Alert text includes the program name, server name and % of usage.
  • Allow to setup killable program name list - Program will be killed if the program is in killable name list and CPU/Memory keeps consecutive highest usage over the setting number.
  • If you have a suspect program, it allows you to enable program monitoring and optionally set it to kill that program at a specific threshold as well setting the # of consecutive exceeded thresholds that will trigger an alert.  
  • Start Monitoring, Stop Worrying. No email alerts loss via 2 different mail servers  - Mail send out from our mail server and SSL supported to send out from your own or public SMTP server such as Yahoo, Hotmail ..etc at the same time to let you get alerts without loss in any condition.
  • Alert you only when the first time reach the setting of consecutive #  -  No keep sending you alerts when the usage remain higher than threshold limit. Alert you  when usage back to normal then alert you again next time the usage get consecutive higher than threshold ....
  • Allow to limit maximum SMS sending a day - Cap maximum # of  SMS sending a day to avoid SMS alert keep sending for any abnormal situation. if you set max. # is 10 then the 10th SMS will have 10/10 in the end.
  • Save those higher than threshold data to log file and separate the log files by date automatically.
  • Allow not to send alert in some time slot - Sometimes it is normal to keep high usage while server is running batch jobs at midnight  
  • I am alive notice - Allow you to setup to email you the latest log periodically.
  • Freeware for all Windows. If you get problem in installation try download zip file Unzip and Click setup.exe  to install
  • We have been providing the global SMS alert service since 2003 . Global coverage
  • Windows Taskmanager by default it displays "Memory - Private Working Set" , you can choose the column "Memory - Working Set" then you will see the Memory usages is same as this tool. 
  • Below is the alert text example

  • 09-08 22:01:21 Web Server CPU 98% exceed 95% for 100 sec.(10 times). *test.exe killed(True). TOP1 :  test.exe 87% @22:00:10 *test.exe(9),firefox.exe(1)
  • Web Server : server name to tell you which server sending alert
  • for 10 sec.(10 times) is the consecutive seconds and counts which the CPU is higher than the setting  
  • *test.exe killed(True) : TURE means the program has been killed successfully. This is optional to setup to kill the TOP1 program automatically.
  • TOP1 : test.exe 87% @22:00:10 is the TOP 1 program name and the time it happened
  • *test.exe(9),firefox.exe(1) - test.exe has been on TOP1 for 9 times and it will be killed if you have enabled the automatic kill flag.



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