Windows and Linux command send SMS. No installation required. Easy to be called or triggered.
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SMSCMD Ping_Alert Port_Alert CPU_Alert
SMSCMD Ping_Alert Port_Alert CPU_Alert

SMSCMD Unicode
version support multi-language SMS such as Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Thai ...etc

SMSexcel - Import and append multi-row ranges from multiple excel files directly, and remove duplicate numbers to send bulk sms

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       1) SMSCMD for Windows  Screenshot    Click here Unicode version for multi-languages
  • Windows Prompt command send SMS. Run directly. No installation required.
  • Easy to be scheduled or called by any type of program. Send SMS on any computer easily.
  • Download and unzip to smscmd.exe, readme.htm and sms4mail.txt
  • You can run as below usage1 or usage2
  • Usage1:  smscmd "text" "phone1,phone2,phone3" "email" "password"
    smscmd "This is test SMS" "12102712345,1819312345" "" "abc123"
  • Usage2: smscmd "text" "phone1,phone2,phone3"
    1. Password file sms4mail.txt must be put c:\smscmd directory. smscmd.exe can be anywhere.
    2. Change the xxxx to your registered email and password in file sms4mail.txt and save
    smscmd "This is the simplest way to send sms" "+17326612345,+852322123451"
  • Message is up to 155 chars.  Global coverage supported. You can just put your local mobile # or put + at the beginning with country code to global
  • Enter smscmd without parameter and you can see help
  • Code Sample - Called by JAVA VB VC++ C#
      2) SMSCMD for Linux. Download smscmd1 for x86 or smscmda for ARM
  • Linux Prompt command send SMS. Run directly. No installation required. 
  • Screenshot on running in RedHat,Ubuntu,SuSe and Debian X86 and ARM (tested in armv71)
  • It is compatible to any Linux platform. Message is up to 155 chars. 
  • Easy to be called or triggered by any type of program 
  • Syntax : ./smscmd1 'Linux send sms' 'phone1,phone2' 'email' 'password'
  • ./smscmd1 'this is linux alert' '18063612345,852123456789' '' 'abc123'
  • ./smscmd1 without parameter and you can see usage help
  • Enter chmod +x to get execution permission after downloaded
  • Register your email to get password and free sms to try.
  • Make sure you have correct email and password. Login from website to check the log, it shows you the messages delivered or not
  • Download Perl independent execution file if you get problem on running smscdm1
  • Syntax : ./smscmd.linux 'phone1,phone2' 'Linux send sms' 'email' 'password'
  • Eg : /smscmd.linux  '14161234567' 'Incident alert' '' 'abc123'
  • perl installed required

SMSCMD has been using in many IT departments. You may already have some monitoring tools, they are able to pass alert text to trigger smscmd for event alert such as  UPS failure, Temperature too high, Intrusion detection, Security alarm, Heavy Rain alarm, Weather alarm, Hospital emergency event alarm ..etc. SMSCMD is the simplest program to be triggered to send instant notification to mobile phones globally. SMSCMDA for ARM based devices to send SMS easily.

2 Way SMS supported for United States - Have reply and original text forwarded to your email inbox directly. Login and update your profile to enable it easily. It's useful for you to send bulk sms to your clients and get response.

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