Windows command send SMS. No installation required. Password file encrypted. Easy and secure to send bulk SMS
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SMCMD has been using in Law office to let clients send pictures back such as License/Zelle Payment/ID card/Paper or Courier company's clients text back their request/question/inquiry from phone directly. Our server will mail the pictures/text to your pre-set email inbox along with origonial SMS to let you take care of customer call immediately.

  • Enhanced 2 ways SMS supported - the replied SMS will go to your email inbox along with the original SMS. Let you know what SMS is the replied text related
  • Enhanced MMS Picture/Audio/MP4 replied supported - Let your clients to send MMS back from phone directly such as Zelle Payment/ID card/License pictures. The MMS will be auto forwarded to your email inbox along with the original SMS which you sent to your client. You can also check the replied text/pictures from anytime
  • Block List Management - auto add into block list whenever stop keyword replied,the number will be no longer to receive your SMS. If users call the sender ID number, they can hear the voice message to guide them to reply Stop back if they won't get the SMS
  • Delivered failuer notice - Email you the failure delivered SMS immediately
  1. Password from command :  smscmd "text" "phone1,phone2" "email" "password"
  2. Password from file :  smscmd "text" "phone1,phone2"  OR smscmd "text.txt" "phone.txt"  (password file can be encrypted)
  3. Go to our home page to login to send SMS, check log or update profile

SMSCMD for Windows  Download  Screenshot  Register  Unicode version

  • Download and Unzip to smscmd.exe readme.htm and sms4mail.txt
  • Windows command run smscmd directly, No installation required. Easy to be called by any type of program or put on schedule. Steps to put on Windows Scheduler 
  • Add additional argument "-debug" if you need to check what STRING pass to your program without SMS sending
  • Message is up to 155 chars. Put local mobile # or put leading + with country code to global
  • Sample sending to 2 USA local # and 1 Global # to U.K. (Put leading + for global #)
    • password from command :
      smscmd "sms text here ..." "7186791234,9175454321,+447121027123" "" "abc123"
    • password from file :
      smscmd "sms text here ..."  "phone.txt"  OR smscmd "text.txt" "phone.txt"  (It is free format, see sample)
  • Unzip to c:\smscmd and change email,password in file sms4mail.txt
  • run smscmd genkey to generate encrypted password file from sms4mail.txt to smscmd.key. Program checks smscmd.key first then sms4mail.txt for password
  • put smscmd.key and smscmd.exe in USB drive or cloud then you can send SMS anywhere. Also it is secure to share smscmd.key file to team without password to send SMS

SMSCMD for Linux  Download for x86 or Download for ARM 
Register  Unicode version
  • Linux command send SMS. Run directly. No installation required. Both 32 and 64 bits Linux supported
  • Screenshot on running in RedHat,Ubuntu,SuSe and Debian
  • It is compatible to any Linux platform. Easy to be called or put on schedule 
  • Download and Unzip to smscmd readme.htm and sms4mail.txt to the same directory
  • You can run as usage1 or usage2 , same as above Windows version but input from .txt file is not supported in Linux version  
  • Message is up to 155 chars. Put local mobile # or put leading + at the beginning with country code to global
  • Usage help : smscmd help
  • Shell/Perl/PHP/Python sample code
    • Download Perl/PHP/Python call smscmd sample, it already includes smscmd command. Update sms4mail.txt email and password,run smscmd genkey to generate encrypted password file smscmd.key then remove sms4mail.txt for safety
      • perl 'text' 'phone1,phone2'
      • python 'text' 'phone1,phone2'
      • php smscmd.php 'text' 'phone1,phone2