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  • Handle multiple POP3 Email accounts and send to multiple mobile phones
  • Set multiple criteria for incoming e-mails, such as the From and Subject
  • Only the e-mails that meet those criteria will be sent to your phone.
  • Option to limit the max. number of SMS for one day to avoid spam mail.
  • SMS will only be sent once for each email which meet the criteria.
  • Two options for the text of email to SMS and max. 160 characters :
    1. "Mail Subject" + "Mail Body" 2. "From"+"Subject"+"Date"+"Body"
  • If you get problem in installation try download zip file. Unzip and Click setup.exe  to install
Below is an example to filter and converse Email to SMS to your mobile*Date:Wed, 02 Jan 2002 14:57:16 0800*S:say hello !!*B:Dear Amy, Tell you a good program SMSmail, which will check your POP3 account and send SMS to your mobile phone while you got my mail.

*Note : F: Sender email ID S: Subject B: Text Body *: Separator

2 Way SMS supported for United States to forward reply and original text to your email inbox. It's useful for SMSCMD to send bulk sms to your clients and get response.



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