SMS4Mail - Filter outlook unread email's "Sender" and "Subject" then auto forward to phones via SMS
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SMS4Mail V5  Download (1.5MB)

  • Setup the "String" to be searched in email's "Sender" and "Subject". Program filter outlook incoming unread emails and auto forward to mobile phones as text message. Never miss any important mails even no internet  
  • SMS will only be sent once. No duplicate SMS sending
  • Two options you can setup for the SMS to include the email's
    • "Subject" + "Body" OR  "Date" + "From"+"Subject"+"Body"
  • Has the option to limit the max. numbers of SMS a day to avoid spam mail.
  • Centralize all your email accounts such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and Office email account to outlook to be filtered and send to mobile phones
  • Keep OUTLOOK running to check your email accounts automatically in a short time interval such as every minute and set the sms4mail program to check OUTLOOK every 10 seconds then you can receive the Email to SMS almost immediately
  • Freeware for Windows. SMS cost only. Click to register to get free SMS to try
  • Unicode supported for national language
  • SMS up to 155 chars, unicode SMS up to 65 chars. Keep OUTLOOK running
Below is an example of the Email to SMS whch you can get on mobile phone

*D:2018/10/27 14:55:46**S:Data Center Site1 Power Lost Alert !! *B: Power lost at 2018/10/27 14:55:46. David be informed thru sms4mail

Note : *D: Date *F: Sender email address *S: Subject *B: Text Body 


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