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Password resend issue  ?

Password will send to your mobile phone via SMS when you register your email to get 5 SMS credits to test. No password will resend to your email account if no any SMS credits used after registration. No this issue if you do purchase credits once or your trial account did consume SMS credits once (SMS credits < 5)

Why the sound alerts off after a couple of times  ?

Sound will be turn off if you don't login. You can register a test account to login

Why I get the email or password error ? I did register and no change to the email and password .

The trial account will be expired 15 days after registration. You can purchase SMS credits to use. Account and credits are no expiration after purchase. 


Why it is not kill process after a period of time ?  

Program will turn this function off if you don't login. You can register a test account to login

"Enable to send mail alerts via 2nd SMTP server" - Mail alerts can send from your own  or Yahoo, Hotmail public SMTP server. Does it support to use Gmal SMTP server to send alerts  ?  

No. Gmail SMTP is not supported because it block the mail comes from program


Why Ports Monitoring is same as Servers Monitoring such as http server, SQL server, Mail Server, FTP Server...etc ?

Ports are numerical identifiers in host to host communications. Most users have probably heard of TCP and UDP ports before, likely when they had to configure their router or firewall to allow or block specific ports on a computer system. If the response form port query is own/timeout which means the Server is down. Ports Monitoring is same as Servers Monitoring  such as  port 80 for WWW server, 21 for FTP server,SSH(22),TELN(23),SMTP(25),DNS(53),POP3(110),IMAP(443),MS SQL(1433),Oracle SQL(1521),MYSQL(3306) or self defined port number   and  can be selected directly from the listing with the possibility to add custom port numbers in case that is needed.


To which payment flows does Instant Payment Notification (IPN) apply?

 Instant Payment Notification applies to all PayPal product features, including Buy Now, Donations, Subscriptions, Shopping Cart, Auctions/eBay flows and Send Money/Request Money payment received.

I am waiting someone to send PayPal money but PayPal sends an email only to the recipient letting them know they have money. How can I get the notification to my mobile phones immediately ?
  PayPal is Free for sender and recipients within the US when you send to friends & family. Of course PayPal also support transfer money internationally too. Anyone needs instant notification to know when the Payment received need this service.

How about I need this instant SMS notification function only apply to some products ?

 Apply a new PayPal account. This account's profile with SMS enabled setting and change those products which need SMS to this PayPal account for payment process. It is Simple & Clear. 

Is it easy to Disable & Re-enable the SMS notification function ? 

 Yes. You can disable or enable your PayPal profile  IPN setting anytime within 30 seconds without impact your website because it is nothing to do with the website HTML change.  No Technical staff involved

Will it influence the original PayPal payment process because of this SMS function?

 No. Because the SMS sending is executed when the PayPal payment process is finished. IPN is an Asynchronous message service, meaning that messages are not synchronized with actions on your website. Thus, IPN message does not increase the time it takes to complete a transaction on your website. Since PayPal IPN only pass the transaction data so there is no security concern too.

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